Boat Chemical Storage

This thing works great!

This thing works great!

Like most boat owners I have a collection of bottles containing everything from fuel additive to cleaning supplies to adhesives. I have tried multiple times to organize and store these bottles of random and slightly toxic chemicals but nothing has ever worked quiet as I wanted it to.

Until recently, I was in Home Depot picking up some screws and what not and came across this tool bag for painters. On the shelf it didn’t look very practical, but I thought I’d see if it would organize my boat chemicals. I mean painter’s supplies come in almost the same size and shape bottles our stuff comes in, why not give it a try.

To my utter amazement it has worked perfectly. For the last 3 months, I know exactly were all my random chemicals are, They are always stored in an upright position reducing the possibility of spills. Considering my surprise to the fact this tool bag worked I thought I’d pass along a success story to other captains out there trying to find a home for all those bottles of chemicals that seem to accumulate on the boat and worse have a tendency to spill their contents all over the place.

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