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Current Cruising Status: Solving the Electronic log book conundrum.

Latest Posts
I CAN SEE MY BOAT!! (kind of…)
August 29, 2017
What are the odds!!! A friend sent me a Facebook link to a guy who was doing a live webcam from the mast of his boat in the neighboring marina. Just by chance it panned…
Ramblings from Instagram
August 28, 2017
~This is just not fair!- Almost an entire week of hurricane conditions, this is why pirates drink rum! ~ Cruise On! Island Rambler
Ramblings from Instagram
August 27, 2017
~Holy Harvey flood waters Batman!!- My marina is going under & we have three to four more days of this! I'm probably going to throw up soon with the constant anxiety, For comparison the second…
The eclipse is here!!!, the eclipse is here!!!
August 21, 2017
Yep I got caught up in the eclipse frenzy. This is the third eclipse I’ve been privileged to see in my life time and I have to admit, it never gets old! Here in Texas we did not get the full coverage, but that does not make it any less interesting. The shear magnitude of…
Waffles without a waffle iron!
June 9, 2017
I love my Sunday brunch waffles, however I don’t have a waffle iron on the boat. But I do have a small cast iron grill pan. Someone mentioned you can use that to make what…
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