Metric & Imperial on one tape measure

Metric and Imperial on ONE tape measure

I can’t believe I finally found this. A tape measure with both imperial and metric happily living together. My life is complete, the search is over.

So what makes this such a life altering discovery you ask? For reasons beyond me, my life is a convoluted mix of both imperial and metric. Maybe the United States is finally getting on the Metric bandwagon, maybe it’s just the engineering-centic life I live. Whatever it is, I’m constantly having to switch between the two and to be honest I’m tired of it!!


So how did this happen? Recently I’ve been battling the flu and as luck would have it a light bulb had burned out. After days of being trapped in the house with a burned out bulb. I finally snapped and dragged my butt to Lowe’s, the closest hardware store, to get some new bulbs.

Not sure what it is: some Feng Shui thing, my anal retentiveness, or the unsettling change in lighting. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Off to the hardware store I went. Grabbed the bulbs I needed. But as hardware stores are want to do, there was a sale bin in the middle of the aisle. And there they were; dual measurement tape measures from Stanley and on sale!!!


One for the house, one for the boat, one for the toolbox, one for my tool belt, and one for backup! Excessive? More like prudent…

Of course now that I have captured my unicorns. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re now all over Amazon. If you find yourself constantly having to swap between metric and imperial I highly recommend picking up one..

Because you know for things like the canvas company wants measurements in feet and inches, but the foam cushion company wants centimeters..>:/

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