The eclipse is here!!!, the eclipse is here!!!

Yep I got caught up in the eclipse frenzy. This is the third eclipse I’ve been privileged to see in my life time and I have to admit, it never gets old!

Here in Texas we did not get the full coverage, but that does not make it any less interesting. The shear magnitude of the objects and distances involved to cast a shadow across the face of the Earth is just mind boggling!.

Can you image being an astronaut hanging way out in space watching the enormous sun, moon, and earth go through their dance to produce what has to look like in comparison a tiny pin head sized shadow on the Earth.

As I was setting up my camera I thought the sky gods were going to thwart us. We had huge clouds rolling in from the East and I just knew they were going to park themselves right over head and making little cloud “Hah-hah you can’t see the eclipse” jeers. However a nice breeze rolled them along and we had nice big clear Texas skies for the spectacle.

Cloud trying to ruin my eclipse day.

Using Sun seeker 3D view to find the sun behind the clouds.

We even grabbed a few paper plates and did the whole school kid pinhole camera thing. Once again I’m floored how something SO simple produces such amazing results. Mother nature even got in on the fun using tree canopies as pinhole cameras and casting crescent shaped light all over the ground.

Our grade school paper plate pinhole camera. The results are astounding for something so simple.

Mother nature getting in on the fun.

The only thing I wish I had was a real sun filter for my camera. As it was I just stacked all my neutral density filters on top of each other and added my polarizer for good measure. Yea I know it’s a pretty sketchy setup and has the potential to damage my camera, but it did okay as you can see below..

A slightly longer exposure to pull the clouds in.

This is about as sharp as I could get it with my camera.

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