The future of emergency boat repair?

3D printed marine parts

I ran across this YouTube video the other day and it got me thinking? “Is this the future of boat repair?”

We’ve all seen 3D printers showing up on the market and all the hype. In their current state they’re great for simple low stress projects. However like all technologies it’s on an upward trajectory of improvement. Meaning the once fragile easy to use plastics are being replaced with higher-end more durable materials. I’m wiling to bet in the next 10-20 years high temp resins, ceramics, or polymers will be on the market.

This brings up the exciting idea that when you pull into a remote port with a mechanical issue, the idea that you might not be able to find a replacement may be a thing of the past.

Think about it, you may be able to download the rendering files for the broken part directly from the manufacturer and have a marine supply company print out a new OEM identical part to get you back out on to the sea.

The whole concept is crazy exciting to me.

This video of 3D print boat props shows exactly what I’m talking about.

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