No slacking on the boat
January 5, 2016
Having one of those days. Went to pickup up my iCom M32 mobile VHF radio and the antenna casing cracked.. UGH!! Not so fast there little guy your not getting out of this so easy.…
Mmmmm Panettone!!!
December 22, 2015
It's officially Christmas!!! Totally weird how it's the little things that make the season. Merry Christmas & peace to everyone…
Galley recipe failure
December 8, 2015
I got a question from a reader about the recipes I post to my site. “Do you test all your recipes and if so have you had any failures?” Welp, to answer my reader, in…
You looking at me?
November 30, 2015
Scuba diving at the local pet store!! 😎
Ramblings from Instagram
November 25, 2015
Trying to match my project with the boat's current interior finish.(using a cabinet door as a guide) I think it's pretty damn close.
Ramblings from Instagram
November 18, 2015
Seasoning the boat's new cutting board, if I measured everything properly it should fit atop the stove where it will be stored & be higher than the countertop rails so it doesn't feel like your…
Jamie Hynemen from Mythbusters was a Caribbean Boat Captain?
November 17, 2015
Since my television died on me, I’ve decided to see if I could actually cut the cable cord. In doing so I’ve been trolling through Youtube for marine, boating, sailing, cruising, and other interesting live…
I’m inclined to agree!
November 14, 2015
I found this old inclinometer at an antique shop in Austin. Solid brass with a crystal bezel for a whopping $15, SOLD! I’ve been putting off mounting it because it requires me to drill screw…
Ramblings from Instagram
November 14, 2015
After 3 hours of mucking in the bilge it's time for a civilized lunch.
Not all Zip-Ties are created equal
November 13, 2015
About six months ago on an whim at the cash register I bought an assortment box of 500 zip-ties for $10”. Why not, they’re extremely handy, quick to install, last forever, and 500 for only…
It’s kind of like New York.
November 12, 2015
A captain a few slips down from me added some decorative lighting to their mast. It’s like having our own mini private Empire State Building. I like it!! Cheers, Island Rambler P.S. I bet it’s…
How my mind sees docking.
November 3, 2015
Ran across this on the internet today and thought someone had figured out a way to video tape my thoughts and upload them to Youtube, ACK!!! The chaos in below video is exactly what my…
Ramblings from Instagram
October 28, 2015
Got an update from my friend Rachel who's taking care of my girl Kona while I sail off to see the world. She's got a little boy friend she's sleeping with, not sure how I…
Ramblings from Instagram
October 28, 2015
Love it when UPS arrives. These little guys will reduce my cabin lighting power consumption by 80%
Ramblings from Instagram
October 17, 2015
Chasing a plumbing problem around the boat. Almost opened every compartment, almost. The good news is fresh water is flowing again and there are no leaks!!! Now where's my cookie?!?!
Ramblings from Instagram
October 16, 2015
One cookie, two identical fortunes. I'm so buying a lottery ticket!!!
Something that actually works
October 16, 2015
Most gimmicky stuff I’ve come across are pretty much cheap junk. However at the bottom of my sail locker I found an old ‘Absorber‘ – a synthetic chamois that I thought I had lost five…
Boatie Yogi
October 15, 2015
I’m inventing a new exercise routine called ‘Boat Yoga’. It will encompass all the contorted poses necessary for boat maintenance. Stay tuned for the advanced poses for engine compartment work. The upside is you don’t…
Ramblings from Instagram
October 14, 2015
I had such a crush on genie when I was a kid, she was beautiful, but mostly because she could make any toy I wanted with a blink of her eyes!!!
Dear Boating Manufacturers
October 14, 2015
I have two questions for the boating industry: #1 It’s 2015, how come we don’t have a gel coat technology that is impervious to chalking & crazing ? #2 How come we don’t have an…
Ramblings from Instagram
October 12, 2015
When I'm feeling down, I like to go to the local bar and get my belly rubbed, always makes me feel better 🙂
Ramblings from Instagram
October 8, 2015
Hey! Bartender why's my beer!!!
How many ships can a ship ship at sea?
October 8, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me how we move materials around the world, this ship shipping ships is almost comical… Cheers, Island Rambler
Ramblings from Instagram
September 26, 2015
Evening in the marina, before the rains come.
Ramblings from Instagram
September 14, 2015
My Aggie neighbor doesn't appreciate my new house light.
PLASTICS: The ultimate double edge sword.
September 3, 2015
We need to be careful we don’t cut ourselves. I will be perfectly honest Plastics are a modern day marvel. They can be molded into almost anything we need, they are light weight, durable, and…
Ramblings from Instagram
September 2, 2015
Tiki drinks on Wednesday?! That's just crazy talk.
Working on my underwater Photoshop skills
August 29, 2015
One of the goals on Todd’s big sailing extravaganza is to create some amazing underwater images. As many of you know, that’s a lot easier said than done! I decided some home schooling on using…
Ramblings from Instagram
August 20, 2015
I've died and gone to Valhalla, Oden!
Ramblings from Instagram
August 13, 2015
It's been one of those days. Even the simplest things took 3 times the effort. Ending the day on a good note